‘Tis The Season to be Celebrating!

15356944_10154617265835428_1790810758_nChristmas is my second favourite time of the year (obviously I love Thanksgiving the most)! I love getting together with friends and family to toast the holidays and celebrate a little time off.

I have a few things to get off my chest:

  • -What are some good gifts for lovers of food and drinks?
  • -What am I drinking this holiday season?
  • -Where are we going for dinner during the holidays?
  • -What am I eating when I have 5 mins to myself?

Gifts for Food/Drink Lovers: This year, I’ve found some pretty fun gifts for food and drink lovers. They include a basket for the beer lover, a mulled wine ‘kit’ for the wine lover/winter warrior and a wine/beer date night basket. The beer basket includes 8 tall-boy beers (a mix of green, red, gold and white to keep it with a Christmas theme), a beer ‘bible’, a beer opener, a gift card to Mill St. Brewery in Ottawa, and homemade sweet/spicy nuts. The mulled wine ‘kit’ includes a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, honey, Hennessy, cinnamon, an orange and instructions to make it. The ‘All is calm, all is bright- enjoy a little date night’ date basket includes a large bottle of Stella Artois (holiday edition), a bottle of Jacob’s Creek moscato from Australia, a cookbook with fun recipes to try together, a bag of popcorn, DIY vanilla, brown sugar scrub and a candle. Hope this helps with anyone needing some gift ideas!

Drinks for the Holiday Season: Well, it all started with a trip to the LCBO and realizing we have the SAQ Depot in Gatineau just over the bridge. I picked up some beautiful bottles for the season and some perfect gifts.

We all know I’m a sparkling wine girl all seasons, but there is so much to celebrate during the holidays and I think it’s the perfect start to every party. Recently, we tried Stone Dwellers pinot noir/chardonnay sparkling wine from Australia before a Christmas party. It has a rose hue, stone fruit notes and tastes extremely delightful on its own. We are also planning to enjoy Villa Sandi prosecco from Italy, Labouré-Roi La Princesse Maudite from Burgundy, Lacroix Signature Ice Cider from Quebec, and Open Rosé from the Niagara Peninsula.        ‘Tis the season to be jolly and juiced!

Restaurants for the Holidays: we are just getting started on the holidays, but for our staff Christmas party, we went to Supply & Demand in Westboro. This restaurant boasts only the freshest food (hence their very small menu) and an incredible wine/beer/cocktail list. If you go, have a caesar (it comes with an oyster), a glass of wine (depending on what you’re eating), and definitely try the Albacore Tuna Crudo. For the entree, I tried the pork sausage with apples and potatoes with fontina cheese, while my boyfriend enjoyed the pumpkin and roasted walnut ravioli with goat’s cheese. Everything was so tasteful and left us wanting to return immediately!

Homemade Dinners: I’ve been keeping it light and fresh to kick off the winter comfort food, as I know it will only get heavier and potentially a little less healthy! Pictured below is:

  1. ‘One Pot’ Greek Chicken: chicken cubes, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, red onion, feta and brown rice topped with fresh lemon juice and homemade tzatiki
  2. Broccoli, Black Bean and Quinoa Casserole: exactly what it says- broccoli florets, black beans, and quinoa casseroles with green onions, spinach and mozzarella cheese
  3. Blackened Tilapia Fish Tacos: tilapia blackened with jerk spice wrapped up with an avocado, pineapple sals with brown rice paired with J.Lohr oaked Chardonnay
  4. Zesty Chicken: orange and dill marinated chicken with asparagus and orzo
  5. Panko Crusted Honey Garlic Chicken: panko-crusted honey garlic chicken legs with a poppyseed, avocado kale blend with goat’s cheese ‘smashed’ potatoes

*Cinnamon hot chocolates to toast finding our perfect tree and decorating it!



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