Mack’s Montreal Mixes IX


Netflix and Chill type of week ahead with some relaxed, fairly effortless dinners (that John Stamos would recommend).

You know the drill, so I’ll skip the details and get straight to it.

  1. Buttery Potato Crusted Alaskan Pollock with Mixed Greens & Tomatoes in a Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette with Parmesan Rice paired with “Cannonball” Chardonnay from Sonoma County: easy for a week night dinner. Make your own tartar sauce using mayonnaise, relish, and some lemon juice!
  2. Spaghetti Carbonara with J. Lohr {Buttery} Chardonnay: all about the butter in these dinners apparently! Traditional spaghetti carbonara with some crispy pancetta pairs nicely with the oaky, toasty Chardonnay from Monterey, Calif.
  3. Baked Guac Burritos: white beans, red onion, chick peas, corn, green peppe, chicken burritos with mild cheddar, avocado puree (guac), salsa verde and plain yogurt with green onions and wild grain rice baked in the oven for soft, smothered goodness.
  4. Slow Cooker Chicken and Broccoli Tortellinin Alfredo paired with {Buttery} Rosehall Run Chardonnay: YUM. So home-cooked, so filling, so tasty and paired with a buttery Chardonnay that tastes like popcorn- I’m home.
  5. Curry Stir Fry with Basmati Rice and Yellow Beans: spice up your life and get rid of your significant other’s cold! This is a nice bowl of curry comfort.

What’s For Lunch?

I reallllly loved my lunches this week. Not only did I prep some yummy salads (spring mix, mushrooms, sliced almonds, red onions, and blue cheese crumble), but I tried a quinoa recipe that I will make for the rest of my life! These broccoli, quinoa patties are delicious and filling and can be perfect for lunch or alongside a salad for dinner. They consist of broccoli, quinoa, mild cheese, white onion, egg, breadcrumbs, olive oil, salt, and pepper. They are fried for 8 minutes per side. My next mission with these is to use cauliflower instead of broccoli- yum! Recipe here.


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