Final Winter Hockey Grub

Well, if you live in Montreal, or Canada, or just generally watch hockey, you obviously know the Habs have had a horrible season. We supported as long as we could and a couple weeks ago semi-enjoyed our (most likely) last game of the season (Panthers vs. Habs- and no the Habs did not win). Eric’s parents were up to visit and we did our last winter/hockey get together. We started with a charcuterie board with fresh baguette, 5 year aged cheddar, duck liver pâté, french onion spread, and ice cider jelly. For the main course, I tried a different slow-cooker pulled pork recipe (similar to the original recipe I tried, but with more spices (brown sugar, red chilli flakes, and cumin)) with a side feta and cucumber salad. I paired this dish with Moselland Riesling that Eric got for Christmas. It’s quite fitting with the frosted hockey scene in the background of the bottle. And- riesling is generally nice with pork. Although, next time I might even go for a lighter bodied red (pinot noir) or even a bolder choice of Zinfandel with the BBQ sauce and the different spices on the pork.

For dessert, I made creme brûlée again and paired them with ginger snap cookies and fresh cut strawberries.

Happily, so long winter and sadly, so long hockey season.

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