Hoppy Easter!


A very happy Easter weekend indeed! The weather was gorgeous, the food was delicious, and the wine kept flowing. Friday night, we started in Kingston at grandma’s for ham, scalloped potatoes, ginger carrots, coleslaw, and C’est La Vie Pinot Noir Syrah from Pays D’Oc, France. Yes, I’m aware Pays D’Oc isn’t the most prestigious area for the wines of France, however for a casual family dinner and what it was being served with, I was quite content.

Saturday was filled with another round of ham, turkey, potato casserole (as seen below- the best, cheesiest, most delicious potato dish), and more wine. I clearly had to document the annual egg hunt with the family.

Sunday- ah beautiful Sunday. 15 degrees and full of treats and the most incredible dinner. My boyfriend’s mom is one of my biggest inspirations for cooking and baking and as per usual, she never ceases to amaze me. We woke up Sunday to her famous ‘egg bread’ (dyed eggs baked in homemade bread with icing), ham and dijon mustard, grapefruit (Italian) rose mimosas, and all the chocolate we could ever need (and for me- the latest issue of Vogue). For dinner, Sue taught me how to make ‘Salmon Studel’ in a white wine sauce. Fresh salmon fillet, spinach, and wild rice  wrapped in a buttery phyllo pastry  topped with a white wine sauce (butter, white wine, and chives) makes for a perfectly filling dinner party pleaser. The phyllo pastry is very tricky to work with, as it crumbles quite easily. You need to keep the sheets covered in a damp tea towel and dab the pastry with melted butter. We paired the strudel with Cannonball chardonnay from Sonoma. The oaky and buttery notes of the Chardonnay pair well with the buttery, toasty phyllo pastry and the crisp acidity of the wine pairs with the salmon and the vinegar/nutmeg spinach. For dessert, Sue made a carrot cake with cream cheese icing and cappuccinos!

Finally, Monday, I meal prepped for the week- while (let’s be honest) eating my coveted mini eggs.

Hoping everyone had a Hoppy Easter!

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