Quebec’s Local Goods

I love anything local and living in Quebec has been key, because they seem to love their local too! There are many options for cheese, beers, meats, wines, etc. that are readily available in many places. So far my favourites are:

Cheeses: Chèbrie Fromage de Chèvre is a goat cheese served as a wheel and has the consistency of brie. It bakes nicely in the oven and benefits from a sweet spread (cranberries or mango chutney) to counterbalance the 12242276_10153637883860428_1551911143_nsaltiness of the cheese. This cheese is just one of many Quebec gems. Oka cheese is also go-to for us. It makes a nice spread over
crostinis or crackers after a long day of skiing.

Locally Brewed Beers: Blanche de Chambly (& Blonde de Chambly-
anything from Chambly) is 20 minutes from here and a highly rated brewery around the world. These are so smooth. The other beers I have a huge interest in are from another local brewery called Le Trèfle Noire. They display some interesting labels and various styles of beer. When we were in peak fall season, I picked up a pumpkin & thyme flavoured brew, a red ale, and a weiss beer for some guests, and they all disappeared quickly.


12272899_10153644680395428_916636762_nCider: When I first moved here, I was disappointed with the lack of cider. Still, there is not inexpensive Sommersby tallboys, but there is something even better-Mystique sparkling rosé cider. These are elegant, delicious (& not overly sweet) and can be the perfect little gift or celebratory drink!

Ice Wine: Quebec (as a colder part of Canada), has the perfect climate and weather for icewine vineyards. Any ice cider or ice wine from Quebec always interests me. I like to include these in little gifts for family or friends. No ‘Quebec’ gift package is complete without some local brews, ciders, cheese & refreshingly wintery ice wine. I’ve already stocked our cupboard for the upcoming chilly season.

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