The Perfect Antipasto Platter

Plain and simple: what makes a good antipasto platter?

  1. A charcuterie board: a nice selections of meats, cheese and crackers.12071554_10153572170940428_411086829_n Normally, I would’ve included more meat here, but for this selection, I had spicy genovese salami, Oka cheese spread, Danish extra creamy blue cheese and an assortment of Triscuits, crostinis and Bretons.
  2. Olives: an easily ‘snackable’ item with lots of flavour- I personally prefer Kalamata.
  3. Grapes: everyone likes wine, cheese, meat and some fresh green grapes- no?

  4. Antipasto Kebabs:
    bocconcini, basil, cherry tomatoes and salami- mini caprese kebabs are always a crowd pleaser
  5. Baked feta-stuffed mushrooms: something meaty and warming that isn’t meat
  6. The Wine/Sparkler: they say the best thing to pair with an antipasto plate is a sparkling wine- specifically a rosé, which makes perfect sense. There are a lot of flavours going on on this table and it would
    be nearly impossible to 12167934_10153572170910428_757395966_npair the perfect wine with the umami taste of mushrooms, the spiciness of salami, the creaminess of Oka cheese and the sharp taste of blue cheese, so what’s better than a nice light sparkler that doesn’t have very pungent/aggressive flavours?

*Maybe next time, I’ll get a better sparkling rosé than Beringer! For anyone that has had this, you know how sweet it can be.


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