New Bible/Need That Bible

What am I without my wine and food bibles?

Max McCalman’s Wine+Cheese Pairing Swatchbook

My best friend is amazing and found my this wine&cheese pairing 12243675_10153637919735428_125015046_nswatchbook. The whole wine and cheese pairing thing is actually really hard for me, so this book couldn’t be more helpful.

Whenever people come over or I’m making a dish that involves some different types of cheese, I am always concerned with the wine match. The other day, I served a pinot grigio with a gorgonzola pasta and it was awful! Had I have known that you should pair gorgonzola with a sweeter white like Moscato, or a lighter-bodied Italian like Sangiovese or Aglianico, we would’ve been enjoying that dinner a lot more than we did!

I NEED: “Montreal Cooks”

A tasting menu from different highly rated chefs/restaurants around the city.

I must have this book! Not only is it a beautiful work of art and a nice decoration for the kitchen or coffee table, but all the recipes look do-able and delicious.

It’s also a great way to research the ‘spice’ or ‘flavour’ of a restaurant without worrying about the money.


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