Top 5 Spots To Enjoy A Glass of Wine In Kingston, Ontario

As we approach the springtime and most importantly, summertime/patio season, I’m really excited about posting this article. It definitely can be helpful in the winter to have a great spot to sit and enjoy a full-bodied red or bold white while warming up, but in the summer, the patio paired with a wine list is where it’s at.

1) Woodenheads Gourmet Pizza: I may be biased, because I used to work there, but I have a huge appreciation for the local ingredients in the food and impressive local and fairly priced wine list. Owner and manager, Wayne, meets with wine reps often to constantly update the list to keep things fresh. You can guarantee that every wine pairs perfectly with some dish on the menu, especially with endless pizza topping/taste possibilities. The patio is why Woodenhead’s is my number one on this list… they have two! The front patio looks onto Ontario street with a view of Confederation Park and the lake. It’s one of those patios that you could sit all day and night and never leave. The back patio is known as the ‘courtyard’ and it is gorgeous! There are beautifully crafted benches to lounge on and it’s fully covered. Believe me, people still sit out there when it’s pouring rain. Do yourself a huge favour and sit on the Woody’s patio this summer for a drink or two.

2) Casa Domenico: Again, being biased, as it is the sister restaurant to Woodenhead’s, I can’t help but be in love with this place. The patio is the reason why it’s number two on the list and the wine list is extensive and high-end. Casa is a bit more pricey than Woodenhead’s, but it is considered fine Italian dining. They have several salads to offer, which I love in the summer on the patio. The restaurant overlooks Springer-Market Square (in the winter- a skating rink and in the summer- a market). I have to say it–It’s a great people watching spot.

Please go and truly enjoy a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling while devouring a beet salad soaking up the sunshine this summer!

3) Days on Front: This restaurant is the best thing to happen to the west-end of Kingston. There isn’t much out there, except for the typical East Side Mario’s and Kelsey’s, which are the least desirable to any foodie or person who enjoys a good wine menu. Days on Front does not boast a patio, but the fact that everything is done to perfection makes up for it. The food is presented as a five-star plate, and tastes five-star standard. The wine list is extensive and full of local treasures. This is somewhere I would not only ‘enjoy’ a glass of wine, but would definitely prepare myself to enjoy an immense amount of beautiful food.

4) Tango Nuevo: For Kingstonian’s that have been to the ‘old’ Tango, you know that Tango Nuevo is more than Untitledjust new and improved. It’s not going anywhere for a long while.

They have several VQA options, keeping in touch with the local theme. Tango is strictly a tapas restaurant, which is wonderful if you’re looking for a great glass/bottle of wine and something to munch on. Their charcuterie boards are unlike any place in Kingston and offer local cheeses, meats, vegetables, and fruits. Tango reflects their Spanish flare in the colourful and eclectic tapas and their lively wine list.

The patio is the most perfect place to sit when the sun is out. If you’re out and about downtown, cozy up on the thick wooden chairs with a glass of Tempranillo and fish tacos.

5) Bella Bistro: Bella is a bit of a wildcard for the 5th spot. It’s not located in Kingston, it’s technically located in Collin’s Bay and they do not have a patio. I love this place because it has a delicious local menu with an equally matched local wine list. It’s always packed and everyone that works there is so loveable, you don’t want to leave.

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