Curry Original- Kingston’s Best Curry!

If you’re a lover of curry and you’re from Kingston, you know no one can beat Curry Original’s natural talent for high-end perfection. We love coming here for the authentic middle-eastern taste and great wine selection.

It’s known in basic pairings that curry doesn’t go well with any ‘controversial’ wines (bold, multi-flavoured, or full of tannins), so it’s best to pair the meal with a slightly sweet and dry white wine. Curry original’s wine list features several local wines, including Sandbanks Riesling. We paired this with the onion bhaji and papadum (appetizer) and butter chicken, beef bhoona, chicken curry, palao rice and naan (main course). This restaurant never fails to make me the happiest (and fullest) in all of Kingston.

Visit their website for more information and menu options:

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