Everyone Should Go Italian

This restaurant is located in the west end of Kingston, and I have got to say they NEEDED it. There are very few locally owned and operated gems in the west end- but this one is top notch.

The food is-you guess it, Italian… and it’s phenomenal. It’s nice to enjoy a spot that has upscale dishes, to downright comfort food. Everything is cooked to perfection and has so much flavour and zest. I could name all the dishes I enjoy, but that would be the entire menu. For one thing, they do make their own cider house salad dressing and every time I’m there, I buy a couple bottles. It’s pureed green apples, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and some other ingredients that I’m pretty sure are top secret. This dressing tops any I’ve had in the city.

Not only is this an eat-in restaurant, but they also have a wide variety of take out and 10965583_10153021355275428_1785915291_n‘take-and-bake’ meals. For example, you can take home a large frozen lasagna (a classic here, of course) and a salad from the menu and just like that, you have your dinner for the night (for the entire family). They offer several other take home pasta dishes, which can be paired with a garlic loaf and salad.

The wine selection is lovely. It’s an appropriately priced list to match the food. It’s not extremely extensive, which is unnecessary, because all the options generally pair well with the menu. There is a nice mix of Italian wines to keep in tune with the theme and local wines to showcase/promote Ontario’s surrounding area wineries.

The restaurant itself boasts a cozy, casual atmosphere, and is very nicely designed.

Check out their website for the entire menu and wine list: http://www.goitalian.ca/

GO Italian really is ‘Fresco Authentico’!

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