Wine Bibles

There are several vino books I am interested in reading at this moment and don’t get me wrong, I could spend HOURS looking through them at Chapter’s/Indigo, however these two have been my favourites thus far. I received the first book (‘The Complete Wine Course’ by: Tom Forrest) as a Christmas gift from my mom, who is keen on the possibility of having a Sommelier in the house. This book is full of general information about the grapes, regions, and the process of winemaking. The photos are glossy and clear. It’s not that I need these photos to fully understand the process, but it’s nice to put a ‘face’ to a ‘name’- if you catch my drift! The second book (‘Wine & Food’ by: Jane Parkinson) was one I spent an hour deciding on at Chapter’s. I weighed my options and came to the realization that this book is great to have in the kitchen, as well as a nice read. I can plan meals for the week with this book in mind, if I want to pair the right flavours with the right wine. I also might add that this book is a colourful coffee table topper.

I started making notes from the first book, so I can study all the general info about winemaking, grapes, regions, possible bacterias/bugs that can ruin the vines, etc. The second book, I truly enjoy the beauty of having it in the kitchen/ready for dinners. It’s nice to learn to pair the flavours of food with the perfect wine.

I know I’ll be posting more ‘bibles’ down the road, but for right now, these two are my go-to!

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