Bergeron Estates Winery

Bergeron Estate Winery, located just before Picton, is subtle, yet beautiful. Made from a refurbished barn, this winery boasts distressed wood beams and floors and a long wood bar for tastings. The artwork in the winery and featured on the bottles is designed by Heather Haynes, a local artist with bright and bold work.

We were lucky enough to enjoy a private dinner party this past Thanksgiving that featured 4 different wines paired with 4 culinary courses.

The first course was a charcuterie board that included calabrese salami, spicy sausage, aged cheddar, bocconcini, roasted red peppers, olives and fresh baguette. This board was paired with a Pinot noir, which I highly recommend. I don’t normally enjoy red wines on the lighter side (characteristic to Pinot noir’s), but this is the ultimate exception. It was served in s Pinot noir glass, which allows for ventilation. The Pinot noir was phenomenal and my favourite wine of the night.

The second course was a ravioli in an Asiago cream sauce paired with a dry Vidal Riesling. The ravioli was by far the best dish… I could’ve eaten 5 of them! I didn’t love the Riesling. If you’re used to a sweet or even off dry Riesling, you might not enjoy this either. It was very dry.

The third course was a personalized wood oven, thin-crust pizza. I chose “carne” which is essentially a meat lovers pizza with pepperoni, prosciutto and Italian calabrese salami. My boyfriend chose a white potato pizza, which turned out fantastic. It’s a spin off of a perogie: white potatoes (thinly sliced), green onions, cheddar, bacon, and a white garlic base sauce. The carne was paired with a Cabernet franc, which was mild to balance out the spiciness of the meat. The white potato pizza was paired with a Gamay, which was peppery, earthy, and full-bodied. I preferred the white potato pizza and Gamay!

The fourth and final course… Dessert! A tiramisu was paired with their “second harvest Gewurtztraminer” in a frosted glass. The tiramisu was done with Grand Marnier, rather than Bailey’s, which left the cake fluffy and flavourful, rather than soggy. The second harvest was the perfect pairing. This dessert wine is dry and allows you to enjoy it with something sweet without being overwhelmed with sugar.

I highly recommend this for any occasion/family dinner and tastings of course!

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