Starbucks Copycat Earl Grey Latte


The necessary start to my day is caffeine of any kind, which I think most people in this world can agree with. But, this early grey latte is more than just a perk. It’s sweet, delicious and calming. To me, each sip feels like I’m wrapped in a warm blanket, sitting on a cloud, while also getting the necessary wake-up I need for the day.

The earl grey latte can be made with substitutes (almond milk or soy milk) depending on your dietary needs or preferences, but I used 1% milk.

You also need either a milk steamer, or an espresso machine. I own a Cuisinart espresso machine. If you haven’t bought one, or you’re on the fence about buying one, let me be the one to tell you that the Cuisinart is worth every penny.

Here’s what you’ll need: a kettle, a milk steamer or an espresso machine with a side steamer, milk or a substitute, earl grey tea bags, and of course a mug or two (& sugar if you’d like a little sweetness).

Instructions: First, boil the kettle and poor half a mug of boiled water over the early grey tea bag. Then, steam your milk. Pour the milk into the tea, leaving the foam for the final topping. Add desired amount of sugar (if you like it sweet like I do) and finally, enjoy the dream in a cup.

PS: this is my drink of choice most mornings at Starbucks, and since I figured out that I could make these at home, I only go back when I’m on the go or in desperate need of caffeine at that exact moment. Not that I’m boycotting Starbucks, but it saves me $5.50!
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