Thanksgiving Leftovers: Turkey & Brie Sandwiches

Having trouble using up your Thanksgiving leftovers? I have a pretty tasty solution for you!

image1 (1)

When we were eating at a restaurant a while back (on Mother’s Day, actually), I had this sandwich that I never expected to be so delicious. I made sure to remember it for when Thanksgiving rolled around because it makes for the perfect leftover lunch. Every year after Thanksgiving weekend, we come home stuffed and left with extra stuffing (and turkey of course). This year, I put the leftovers to good use!

An unlikely combination perhaps, but just wait until you try this turkey, brie, green apple and stuffing sandwich topped with cranberry sauce!

Ingredients (for 2 servings): 2 sandwich buns (we used flatbread style buns), leftover turkey slices, leftover stuffing, 1 whole green apple (thinly sliced), 4 tbsp cranberry sauce (1 tbsp on each half of the bun/bread), and 1 small brie wheel (thinly sliced).

Instructions: the only instructions after you’ve sliced your apples and brie is to place the cranberry sauce on the bun/bread and then squish it all together! I heated mine up for 20 seconds in the microwave before eating. This way, the brie melts and the turkey and stuffing are slightly warmed.

Voila, no leftovers left behind!

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