Appreciating & Honouring My Momma

**Warning: This post may contain a whole lot of sap and only a little bit about food**

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible mommas out there- especially mine!
If you’ve known me for even just a short period of time, you’ve probably met my amazing mother, Michele. She supports image3me with everything, encourages me to take every opportunity (and make the best of it no matter what the outcome), and loves me to no end. My mother is the original inspiration for food|vino|soul. When I was younger (and occasionally now), she would teach me the basics of cooking, which she learned from her mother. She would also let me assist in the making of more complicated dishes. As I got older, she would let me take the reigns on dinner and we would enjoy a nice glass of wine in the process. The  Soon after, when it came time to move away for school, my mother handed me the top secret recipe box. I snatched up almost every single cue card in there and started my very own book.

My mother cooks with ease. Between growing up with her as my mentor and working in a few restaurants as a salad tender, busser, hostess and server, I was able to learn my way around a kitchen and learn how to relax when cooking under pressure. Whether it’s a time constraint or a specific group of people, I know what I’m doing now!

Every time we come home to Kingston for the weekend, my mom makes a point of ensuring we have a Friday (or Saturday or Sunday) family dinner. And every time, my mind is blown. Her cooking style varies (Italian, Indian, Mexican, etc…), yet it always leaves me with the question “how does she do it?”. She makes everything so flavourful and scrumptious! Every dish (even snacks & charcuterie boards) leaves us needing more, despite being overly full.

Now, I try to cook for her as much as I can when she visits and when I’m home to relieve her of her motherly duties! However, if she’s cooking, I’m bringing the wine! The last few years of learning wine on the side have helped with both my mom and my food & wine pairing knowledge and have helped enhance or add a new dimension to every dish we make.

I’m lucky that I have such a wonderful mother to brag about and to praise. I’m lucky she shared and continues to share her cooking wisdom and her joy for life with not only me, but everyone around me. Happy Mother’s Day to my daily inspiration, Momma Lemm. ♥


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