Tis The Saison!

14580583_10154402597875428_612733874_nTis the saison!

I’m happy to say that October is my favourite month and 14625320_10154402609350428_281718720_nfall is my favourite season.
With Thanksgiving weekend coming up in a few short hours, I took some time at the LCBO to pick out some interesting choices of beer, wine and whiskey. I of course also took some time to hit the pumpkin patch for the perfect decorations for the month.

My beer choices for the weekend are: Royal City Brewing’s Hibiscus Saison, Amsterdam Farmhouse’s Bord Du Lac Saison, and Das People’s Bier’s Raspberry Berliner Weisse.

14593305_10154402609310428_102153923_nMy wine choices from the weekend are: Sandbanks 2014 Cabernet Franc and Dogajolo’s Toscano (both of these
mainly because of the perfect fall colours and labels) and one of them supports local!
And finally, my whiskey choice, which I’ve been longing for since this came on the market and was sold out for months: Crown Royal’s Northern Harvest Rye.

I’m excited to share these incredible craft beers, wines and spirits with some incredible people.

Cheers to family, friends, and the best weekend!

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