Fall Finds

Fall has begun, the air is cooling down, and my heart longs for those hearty meals to comfort me along with my collection of scarves.

  1. Mustard and Herbs to Provence chicken breasts with homemade cauliflower and pepper ‘tater tots’ and brown rice with buttery Chardonnay
  2. Rainbow gnocchi with garden-grown pesto and an Italian spinach salad
  3. Peppered teriyaki steal with green onions and mushroom sautée
  4. Homemade meatballs using veal with spaghettini and homemade tomato sauce (I will perfect this recipe when the winter comes!)
  5. Chicken parmesan topped with sauteed balsamic mushrooms with avocado spinach salad and a glass of buttery, oaked Chardonnay

Can you see a theme? Mushrooms, buttery chardonnay, and a pasta to start that winter coat.

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