Mack’s Montreal Mixes IX

The Mack’s Mix Edition #9 is all about spicing up your life!

I love spiciness and loads of flavour in a dish. So, for wintertime chills, the common cold, and a serious need for energy, here are some inspired dinners.

  1. Thai Peanut Chicken with Basmati Rice and Cucumbers: this was done in the crock-pot and damnnn did it turn out nicely. I have a healthy obsession with peanut butter (especially thai peanut sauce) and this is one of my favourite things to eat in the winter time. I would pair this with a riesling or even a Spatlese.
  2. Lasagna Rolls: these are both pinterest and new cookbook inspired. Boil the lasagna noodles until soft, cool them off with cold water, place a small amount of spinach/ricotta cheese/mozzarella mixture on each noodle, roll them up cover them with a small amount of tomato sauce and place in the oven for 15 minutes. Top with more tomato sauce, parmesan cheese and fresh basil leaves.
  3. Coconut Curry Soup with Naan: this was a day where I was just getting over a cold and my boyfriend was just beginning it, so we needed something spicy and warm. This soup is phenomenal and so flavourful. It contains carrots, onions, roasted cauliflower, turmeric, garlic, lime juice, coconut milk, curry paste, vegetable stock, and (it’s not listed in the recipe) some white wine. Topped with slivered almonds and green onion, served with baked naan and paired with an Ontario riesling to stand up to the spice. Check it out:
  4. Zucchini and Black Bean Beef over Wild Rice: this was also cookbook driven. This is very hardy and very healthy. I marinated the beef overnight with soy sauce and teriyaki sauce with lime juice, salt, and pepper. I served this with Luigi Bosca Malbec-perfecto!
  5. Fontina and Proscuitto Stuffed Chicken: another fantastic idea from the cookbook. This was delicious. I sliced the side of the chicken breast and stuffed fontina cheese and proscuitto in and topped the chicken with a little bit of mozzarella and smoked paprika for added spice. I served this with a salad and parmesan rice. It would pair nicely with a riesling or even a lightly oaked chardonnay.

What’s For Dessert?

For once– nothing! We have a fair bit of chocolate leftover from Christmas, and to be honest, I’m trying to cook & eat healthier and hit the gym everyday. I’ll probably be bribed into making dessert tomorrow.

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