Old Montreal: Places To Be

A quick little post about my two favourite spots in Old MTL. The port boasts mannnnny top restaurants, and I know I haven’t even grazed the surface, however, these two really impress me every time I go.

Modavie: a wine and jazz bar whose specialty is lamb shank.

We first went here in the winter and enjoyed the ExP Syrah for the first time. There’s just something so soothing about being cozy in an exposed stone and brick jazz bar with a bottle of full-bodied red and some dark chocolate while it downpours with snow outside. I had to try the specialty! Normally, I don’t care much for lamb, but here it falls off the bone and really is the best choice. Even the starter salad had an entire wheel of baked goat cheese on top. The dessert was a baked chocolate lava cake with french vanilla ice cream. The ExP was perfect with the lamb. We then enjoyed Alamos Malbec with the chocolate cake. The second time we went here (not pictured), we had the ExP Chardonnay (a nice, smoothe, buttery Chardonnay) and the roasted duck with seasonal vegetables. I recommend Modavie to everyone coming to visit Montreal!

Vieux-Port Steakhouse: a classic steakhouse with great wine selection and a cozy fireplace that makes you want to stay forever.

I first went here with a friend and tried the traditional steak with seasonal vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes. I then went recently with my girlfriends on a rainy day right before Christmas.  The fireplace kept us drinking a few glasses of wine and stuffing our faces with their bacon mac and cheese and caesar salad.

Another highly recommended gem in the old port!

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