SAQ, I love you.

12212330_10153651089405428_2118130506_nWell, anyone that knows me (even for a brief period) knows I love the SAQ with a passion. Yes, I enjoy wine and scotch, and pretty well everything made the right way… but my love for SAQ involves a fair bit of passion for more than just the product.

It depends on which location you go to (like all liquor stores), so this is the one I’m basing my current obsession off of: Westmount.

The layout of the store (it’s massive) is easy to navigate, offers many more options for liquor, ice wine, and even gift wrapping, and boasts a beautiful Cellier section.

They also offer the “Cellier” magazine. This is my favourite thing to pick up, especially around the holidays. They offer many recipes for flavourful dishes and festive cocktails. It’s also a nice little touch for a Christmas gift involving wine.

The other day was 10% off when you spend $100 or more. I already had to buy Christmas presents that involved wine, so why not treat us to bring your own wine restaurants and winter warmth drinks? We didn’t see why not.


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