Another Trip To The Bier Markt


Fridge of dreams!

Another winter trip to the Bier Markt in downtown Montreal proved to be a wise choice before and after the Habs game. The whole place buzzes with Habs fans excited for the game then explodes after they crush the opposition. What else was getting crushed? All kinds of beers!

I always go for wheat beer simply because it’s delicious, however, this time, we both expanded our horizons to take full advantage of over 100 different options.

Beer #1: Augustijin ‘Kloosterbier’ was made in a monastery since 1295, but of course has been altered over time to get that fresh Belgian taste. I think it was about $13.00 a bottle (a very small bottle) and was worth every cent.

Beer #2: La Chouffe is an 8% Belgian pale ale with an orange hue and a medium-bodied, fruity taste. We loved this one as well! It comes in the larger bottle, so it’s great for splitting.

Beer #3: Goose Island Honkers Ale has a fruity, hoppy aroma with a rich malt. I loved this beer and the fact that this Chicago craft brewery has so many other great options, such as Oktoberfest, Summertime, Mild Winter, and Christmas Ale makes it even more loveable.

Beer #4: Brigand is another Belgian Monastery classic. Made since 1798 and available in the small bottle, it also hits around $13.00-$15.00 a bottle and is quite rich. It was the most crisp, refreshing beer of the night.


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