Egg & Avocado Toast with Mint, Lemon & Feta

I’ve got to say, I think this breakfast is one of my favourites so far. It’s fairly easy, it’s filling and it quite healthy. The other great thing about this breakfast is that it can be gluten-free very easily. Swap out the toast for gluten-free bread or spread the avocado over the eggs. You can also make this for lunch and place it on a bed of lettuce.IMG_0905

I got the idea from a cute espresso bar in Kingston, where I’m from, called Northside. It was about time that Kingston got a cafe like this place: greenery everywhere, white walls and hanging lights, good coffee, and delightful brunch. The most talked about dish there is called ‘Avo-smash’, which is what gave me the inspiration for this breakfast. A combination of salty feta and eggs, creamy avocado, sour lemon, and a herb like mint, this dish makes the tastebuds dance.

Makes: servings for 2 people

Ingredients: 4 eggs, 2 avocados, 2 pieces of toast (I used multigrain rye), 1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese, 1/2 lemon (cut in half again for squeezing), 1 tbsp chopped mint, salt and pepper (to taste)

Instructions: using an egg poacher, poach the eggs on the stovetop. While you wait, crumble the feta and chop the mint. Once the eggs are close to finished, place the bread in the toaster and slice the lemon wedges. When the toast is done, cut the avocados open, scoop it out and spread it over the toast using a fork. Place the poached eggs overtop of the avocado toast and sprinkle the mint and feta crumble, then squeeze the fresh lemon juice over the entire dish. Serve with an extra sprig of mint and a lemon wedge.

I decided to make this when my friend came to visit. We didn’t really want to venture out in the cold rain and didn’t feel like paying an arm and a leg for a meal we could make ourselves. I highly recommend this anytime you’re having anyone over for breakfast.

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