A Night In At The Movies

image6This past weekend, we ventured home for a short but sweet visit to celebrate my uncle Bob’s 60th birthday. He decided to do it up a bit differently this time. My uncle Rick fixed the slide projector and the video projector and organized all the boxes of slides. They had set up an entire movie room with a screen, audience chairs, and of course lots of popcorn and candy to snack on during the photos/films. My mom made her famous Mexican dip and my aunt Denise made Woodenhead’s copycat pizzas including nonna mela (apple butter, caramelized onions, blackened chicken, and cheddar cheese), proscuitto (tomato sauce, proscuitto, red and green peppers, and feta cheese), and a classic pepperoni and cheese. These were to die for! And of course, lots and lots of wine.

After this beautiful family gathering, Eric and I wanted one last ‘taste’ of Kingston before we left that night. Therefore, we decided on a drink at Stone City Ales and a walk through the downtown core to see what has changed. Turns out, there are several new coffee spots, restaurants, and a beautiful kitchen/espresso bar that I have my eye on for next time: Northside. At Stone City, Eric had the Valkyrie- a European style beer and I enjoyed the Elder Statesman- a mild earl grey tea and vanilla dark beer. Stone City has brought out some truly interesting specials for us to try this winter season.

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