Allez-It’s Hockey Season!!!

Of course, it’s pretty obvious from my living stint in Montreal and the amount of photos I posted at games, I’m a Montreal Canadiens fan. Now that we’re in Ottawa, we’ll take what we can get! For my grandpa’s birthday, we got tickets for the group of us to go to Habs vs. Sens at the Canadian Tire Centre on October 15th. We decided to make a day of it! I had everyone over for chipotle pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, and lots of beer, wine and caesars before the game! I also decided to test out those Starbucks copy-cat pumpkin scones- and yes- they were perfection! Can’t go wrong with a delicious and easy recipe like that.

Cheers to Shocktops, Rickards Red, Pinot Grigio, spicy caesars and a sad loss for our Habs. Stay tuned-we’ll be back!


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