Home Sweet Home

Since moving to Montreal, I haven’t got to come home too often. Mainly because it’s 3 hours each way and without a car, I can’t spontaneously decide my trips. As much as I love exploring all of Montreal’s incredible restaurants, bars, and attractions, I’m always happy to come home and revisit my favourite spots. Plus- when my mom misses me- I get soooo spoiled. Who knew?

Step 1: Stocking up on breakfast foods and healthy oats, nuts and snacks

A quick trip to bulk barn and I’m ready to go all ‘Nikki’s Plate‘ on my kitchen with breakfast smoothie bowls and chia puddings. I bought kamut oats, chia seeds, sliced almonds, toasted coconut shavings, almond butter and vanilla whey protein powder for my pre-gym smoothies. I have so many plans for these little gift bags.

Step 2: Wine for Saturday night- and other drinks.

Right off the bus and already hitting the vintage section at the LCBO. What else is new? I grabbed a nice bottle of Ballast Stone ‘Windjammer’ 2012 Shiraz from McLaren Vale in Australia. I can’t get enough of Australian wines these days. Not pictured here is the few Somersby ciders I picked up, because Quebec decides not to carry my most prized girly possession. I also picked up my favourite LCBO vintages magazines.

Step 3: Girls Night In with Momma and Sister ft. Ma’s Famous Mexican Dip, Baked Brie, Cheeses, Salami, and Veggies

What a spread! My mom was very excited for the girls to come home for the weekend and basically bought out Farm Boy. Oh how I’ve missed this. She graciously prepared my favourite (and her famous) Mexican nacho dip, and bought all the essentials: guacamole, asiago and artichoke dip, olives, grapes, snap peas, carrots, salami, smoked gouda, aged white cheddar, and (not pictured below) fig baked brie with fresh baked baguette and Ace Bakery olive oil and sea salt and roasted garlic crostinis.

Step 4: Girls Breakfast ft. Vegan GF Breakfast Cookies from ‘Oh She Glows‘ and Folgers Velvet Coffee

I’ve done these before and I won’t ever stop making them. Vegan (minus the jam added at the end) and gluten-free breakfast cookies from Oh She Glows. Gluten-free rolled oats, flax seeds, mashed banana, cinnamon and a dash of sea salt baked for 13 minutes with a thumbprint of raspberry jam. My mom obviously had the best ready for us- President’s Choice Black Label raspberry jam. A velvety smooth cup of coffee in Kate Spade mugs and we were happy girls.

Step 5: Lunch with the family at Days on Front

OMG. I will never get over this incredible restaurant. Days on Front is a Kingston gem. Gourmet food, a beautifully crafted wine list, and perfect presentation.

I enjoyed an Argentinian Malbec, the bacon-jam double-smoked cheddar orzo mac n’ cheese (the one I tried to replicate not too long ago and found impossibly hard because nothing compares), scallops in a leek and brown butter sauce with pine nuts and bacon jam, and a beet salad with goat feta and walnuts with a honey balsamic vinaigrette over a bed of arugula and spinach. My sister had the brie and apple butter grilled cheese with pears. My grandmother had the seasonal greens salad (poached apples, beemster cheese, and sunflower seeds over a bed of mixed baby lettuces) with chicken in an apple cider vinaigrette. My mother had the burger (bacon and onion infused ground beef, pickled red onions, smoked cheddar and house-made BBQ sauce). My aunt had the apple and pancetta salad (toasted pecans, pancetta, and red grapes over arugula and spinach) with maple vinaigrette and chicken.

For dessert, we split the brownie sundae with moosetrack ice cream in a mixed berry sauce and the bread pudding- with cappuccinos and coffee of course!

Step 6: Saturday Night Dinner made by Ma

Another OMG. My mother HAS to be the reason I love cooking so much. She is a seasoned veteran in the kitchen. She bought marinated chicken and beef shish kabobs from Barriefield Meat Markets and made roasted balsamic green beans and roasted golden potatoes. I paired this with the Ballast Stone Shiraz from McLaren Vale (as mentioned above) and it worked perfectly with both the chicken and of course the beef.

Step 7: Sunday/Goodbye Dinner made by Ma

This is ironic- I was going to make this recipe for dinner this week because I missed it so much. Guess I don’t have to now. We had Shake n’ Bake pork chops with a roasted garlic mushroom and onion sauté over spaghettini drizzled in olive oil with roasted asparagus and mixed peppers and greens salad.


Until next time K-town ♥

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