Mack’s Day

Well, the dreaded 24th birthday rolled around on February 18th, but I truly need to thank my amazing friends and boyfriend for an incredible day and then weekend filled with champagne, wine, cake, foodie food, and even more champagne! 24 will be okay- right?

I started the true day off with Toblerone cheesecake from Rockaberry’s from my lovely coworkers, then a mound of gifts surrounding a bottle of Henkell Troken brut and a homemade Reese’s peanut butter cup (made by my man)!

For the weekend, my friends came from far and wide to pop bubbly, venture to a great restaurant in the old port, and hit up some ridiculous bars.

We started with De Chanceny cremant from Loire, France and a white truffle salami and aged white cheddar spread. Thanks to Hayley for my always desired bottle of J. Lohr Chardonnay from Monterey, California and a delectable bottle of Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina. She knows me too well.

We hit up Mangiafoco for wood oven pizza and Italian wines. Hayley and I split black truffle carpaccio and a gluten free ‘carbonara’ pizza and a bottle of montepulciano d’abruzzo for the table.

Then, off to Champagnerie (you know, my other favourite spot to grab a drink in the old port). I treated myself to a glass of Franciacorta (sticking to the Italian theme apparently) and toasted to a wild night ahead.

The rest is history and very blurry, but I do remember a skate board park- in a bar- and splitting a bottle of Jamieson between 3 of us- for free.

Cheers to 24 years and hoping it stays this golden.

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