Top 5 Spots to Grab a Drink in MTL

I still have so much exploring to do, but these top 5 spots are some of the best I’ve seen thus far. Check out any of these bars, who all specialize in different wines, beers, cocktails, or spirits!

  1. La Champagnerie- Bar à Sabrage (343 Rue Saint Paul Est): this little heaven of mine is located in the vieux port. They have an incredible champagne and sparkling wine list, as well as a fantastic, gourmet menu. Wednesday’s are half price night on several glasses and bottles of champagne. The photos below are a nice summer evening where I had more than my fair share of Franciacorta and Cava for a sneaky-low price tag. This spot is perfect for new comers to MTL, high-end friends, or your birthday party joint. Oh- and they have a DJ mixing it up most nights and all the servers know how to sabre open a bottle. Incroyable!
  2. Le Terminal (1875 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est): located in the heart of the plateau, this cute looking spot has a great selection of beers (including some local ones) and a solid vibe.
  3. Mal Nécessaire (1106 B Boulevard Saint-Laurent): located in Chinatown and believe me, it’s nécessaire that you try it! It’s a low key bar in the basement that can only be seen by its bright green sign. Their signature drink the ‘Mal Necessaire’ is an interesting and tasty blend of fresh pineapple juice, cinnamon, and bourbon over crushed ice. They also offer drinks served in pineapples (approx. $30), the Mexican Bulldog (Corona tipped into a stirred margarita), and so many other creations. The bartenders here are the kind that win competitions for being the fastest in the country, so waiting for a drink just doesn’t happen here.
  4. Bier Markt (1221 Boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest): I spend a lot of time here. It has all the beer you could ever need to choose from. They offer beers from over 30 different countries of all styles. Yes, it’s a chain restaurant, however it has so much to offer and let’s face it, it’s a block from the Bell Centre where the Habs play.
  5. Modavie (1 Rue Saint Paul Ouest): also in the vieux port and as I’ve mentioned before, one of my favourite spots to go to! This is a wine and jazz bar. What a perfect combination for a classy and relaxing evening with family and friends.

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